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In a highly regulated industry and with the continuous development of innovative products and services, operators are increasingly exposed to risk at all the different stages of the business process. Although most operators have highly developed risk and audit functions, there is still room for improving the structure and optimising the existing practices of risk and audit in an ever-changing regulatory and competitive industry.

ViB’s 9th Annual Risk Management & Internal Audit in Telecoms will uniquely address the current operational and functional concerns of the risk and audit functions within an organisation, as well as show practical examples of drawing lessons out of risk events, especially the cyber security risk posed to employees. Finally, this year’s exciting event will be your opportunity to learn from major telecom operators how to promote internal audit coverage of all risks, understand what executives want from risk reporting and implement and maintain a simple and appropriate structure. We want our event attendees to make sure they check out our training courses before attending in order to get the most benefit. To get started, see our learning management system to register and view the course.

ViB events’ Risk Management and Internal Audit conference is designed especially to help risk managers and internal auditors to ensure success. Whether you work with 3G business plans, broadband services or focus on specific risks in business processes, you will find the up-to-date information and practical solutions during this two-day event. You will have the unique opportunity to meet your European peers, benchmark your risk management and internal audit activities and discuss your concerns with leading industry experts.

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